Everything Discounted All The Time. Paid Surveys.


Vodus e-commerce is the first online shopping platform in Malaysia that allows shoppers the opportunity to earn reward points by answering simple survey questions These points can then be converted directly into discounts anytime and redeemed against a wide variety of products and vouchers.

We partner with merchants of all sizes, from well-known brands to value-for-money local products, to help you compare and find the most suitable products at the best price.

So what makes Vodus different to other shopping platforms?

Unlike other shopping platforms which require shoppers to spend in order to earn, Vodus rewards you with points for free in exchange for answering simple survey questions. This means - Answer 10 Survey Questions & Receive 10 VPoints which can then be used in-store to get up to 10% discount off a wide range of products.


Vodus surveys are an excellent way to earn extra cash rewards without needing to leave your home. As part of our market research studies, we work with leading brands all across Malaysia to gain consumer opinions and feedback on popular products and services which you enjoy!

Do you have an internet connection and a few moments of free time? You can start responding to surveys on the Vodus Rewards platform right now! Registration is fast and simple, we just require some information on your age, ethnicity and location.

For every survey question answered, you will earn 1 VPoint which can be redeemed for cash vouchers from some of Malaysia's most popular brands such as Touch n Go, Aeon, Sushi King, Tealive and many more.

Interested to find out more about paid surveys in Malaysia? We’ve got you covered in our handy guide Paid Surveys in Malaysia.


Step 1 :

Sign up for a Vodus account

Step 2 :

Click "Gain VPoints" to participate in surveys

Step 3 :

Earn VPoints for every survey question answered

Step 4 :

Use your VPoints to gain discounts on popular brands


To help consumers ease their financial burden during the pandemic in 2020, Vodus created a survey rewards platform that features an array of merchants and products that helps consumers find the best quality products at the lowest price.

Since then, we have placed a strong emphasis on our VPoints Rewards system where shoppers simply need to answer a few simple survey questions in exchange for unbelievable discounts on a huge variety of products. You will automatically recive VPoints for each response - the more you answer, the more points you gain - which can be used to exchange for discounts during checkout.

At Vodus Rewards, we are all about subsidizing your lifestyle, leisure and shopping so you can enjoy bigger savings for things that matter.